fireweed (northern_wind) wrote,

Не со всеми идеями автора согласна, но после этой статьи примерно поняла, почему я переключилась с квестов на рпг.

"At heart, I think it’s down to an ironic change in fortunes over the years. Adventure games are an often misremembered genre, even to many who both make and play them. In particular, what’s forgotten is that at release, games like Monkey Island were the equivalent of Hollywood blockbusters, games like Gabriel Knight were trailblazers doing things we’d never seen before, and that until 3D came along and spoiled the party, adventures were the genre for trying out new technology and forging new ground."

"You wouldn’t know this from most modern adventure games though because… and I’m not speaking about literally all adventures here… they’re now largely a cargo-cult genre. By that I mean that far too many simply ape the design of the past without understanding that to make something like Monkey Island isn’t a question of making something like Monkey Island. That game broke every mould that the genre had. To name just a few things – creating the Three Trials system that’s still the standard design style today, adding real-time puzzles like following the shopkeeper, coming up with dynamic mechanics like the insult-swordfighting system, having a total tonal shift from conventional adventuring to something more RPG like upon arrival on the titular island… I could go on, but you hopefully get my point."

Хотя, конечно, все упирается в то, как мы определяем сам adventure жанр. Я все еще хочу туда сложить 70% любимого.

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