April 22nd, 2018


Смотрите какую крутоту американские ученые предлагают.
Чтобы не вносить-выносить истерию из DSM бесконечно.

The Time has come for Dimensional Personality Disorder Diagnosis

The committee revising the ICD‐11 Mental or Behavioural Disorders section 'Personality Disorders and Related Traits' has proposed replacing categorical personality disorders with:
- a severity gradient ranging from ~personality difficulties → severe personality disorder
- five trait domains: negative affectivity, dissocial, disinhibition, anankastic and detachment

We applaud and support the proposed transition from a categorical model of personality disorder types, which has proven to be empirically problematic and of limited clinical utility, to a dimensional model of personality disorder that has considerable connection to scientific evidence and potential for clinical application.

There is no evidence supporting the hypotheses that personality disorders are categorical or that there are 10 (or any other number of) discrete types of personality disorder:
Past scientists believed that the sun revolved around the earth, the brain was organized according to the principles of phrenology, and spirits were responsible for psychiatric problems...
Likewise, the evidence is clear that personality disorders do not exist as 10 discrete types.
The categorical model has become a hindrance to research and practice.

Из тех идей, про которые после публикации все думают "это же очевидно, почему никто раньше не додумался".
А раньше просто не было айтишников, которые совали везде multidimensionality (тренд последних лет пяти, кажется? или больше?) и привычную по индустрийке векторную модель.

Ну и со штуками вроде Big Five заинтегрировать можно.

*радуется и пляшет*