fireweed (northern_wind) wrote,

_zvery_: "Одно дело выжить гаруду из стаи, и совсем другое дело - выжить стаю из гаруды".

Нашла чудесный сайт с перечислением типичных сюжетов, встречающихся в книгах или фильмах.
Например, Мивилль.
Комментарии ужасно смешные.

"These creatures are so terrifying that when the government of New Crobuzon attempted to make a Deal with the Devil to deal with them, hell refused to get involved."
(ну это, впрочем, в самой книге почти тем же текстом)

"Nightmare Fetishist: How else to describe Isaac Grimnebulin? He's in love with a woman whose head is a giant beetle, a bird-person turning up on his doorstep asking for a new set of wings all but causes him to squee, and he is cheerfully enchanted with one particularly weird grub netted by his black-market attempts to find flight specimens. You know when Isaac is freaked out, shit got real."
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