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"Four rustling concertinas of dark matter flickered outwards on the creature’s back, and outwards again and again, slotting into po­sition, fanning and expanding in vast folds of thick mottled flesh, expanding to an impossible size: an explosion of organic patterns, a flag unfurling, clenched fists opening.
The thing made its body thin and spread those colossal wings, massive flat folds of stiff skin that seemed to fill the hall. They were irregular, chaotic in shape, random fluid whorls; but mirror-perfect left and right, like spilt ink or paint patterns on folded paper.
And on those great flat planes were dark stains, rude patterns that seemed to flicker as Lublamai watched and Teafortwo fum­bled with the door, wailing. The colours were midnight, sepul­chral, black-blue, black-brown, black-red. And then the patterns did flicker, the shadow-shapes moved like amoeba in a magnifying lens or oil on water, the patterns left and right still matching, mov­ing in time, hypnotic and heavy, faster. Lublamai’s face creased. His back itched maniacally with the thought that the thing was behind him. Lublamai spun to face it,
gazed directly into the mutating colours, the dusky vivid show...
... and Lublamai no longer thought of screaming but only of watching as those dark markings rolled and boiled in perfect sym­metry across the wings like clouds in a night sky above, in water below."

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Вспоминаются кадры из "Принцессы Мононокэ".

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